Protecting Your Hospital and Clinic Facilities from Pests

Environmental hygiene is paramount in healthcare and medical facilities as it is crucial to the prevention of healthcare associated infection(HCAI) . At Safe Home Pest Management, we understand the importance of patient treatment and accommodation facilities to be always kept as clean and sterile as possible to minimize the risk of cross contamination that could eventually leads to HCAI. Yet hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and treatment centres are often busy places with food usually prepared on the premises.

Thus, it is inevitable for pests such as rats, cockroaches, flies and ants to be attracted to the food and warmth found in the facilities. For that reason, pest control has an important role as part of the facility risk management plan in reducing the risks of secondary infection in the healthcare facilities .

WHY Safe Home?

  • Experienced and Licensed Technicians
  • Expert Knowledge – Our pest experts are periodically provided with continuous training programmes, to ensure that their pest knowledge is up-to-date.
  • Targeted Treatments – Our extensive knowledge means we can provide you with targeted and effective treatment.
  • Site Risk Assessment – is completed in compliance with Safe Home Pest Management requirement to ensure that all treatments carried out in your premises are conducted in a safely manner.
  • Service Quality Assurance – We are committed to delivering optimal quality service and dedicated customer care to our partners.