Industrial Pest control

In busy production and manufacturing areas, there is a continual movement of people, products and without a doubt, pests too. Pests are high risk threats in the industrial premises and its supply chain, similar to those in the food related industries. Besides damaging your inventories in various ways, pest also poses health and safety hazards to your employees which can affect performance, disrupt operations and eventually lead to revenue loss. Adequate protection and potential infestation risk prevention is essential to avoid unforeseen implications from arising.

An industrial and manufacturing business involves intensive management ranging from facility & infrastructure maintenance, delivering a seamless and robust production and engaging in physical work operations. As a labor intensive based business, health and safety of the employees is of utmost importance. Adequate protection and risk prevention is essential to avoid unforeseen implications and danger from arising within the business compound.

While driving healthy business growth in a fast growing and competitive industry in Singapore, it is also critical to ensure work day lost, medical reimbursement, unnecessary costs incurred and operational disruptions are minimized. Paying attention to stringent Health and Safety measures is one essential element to keep operational, productivity and financial disruptions at bay.

For instance, structural instability could be resulted from termite infestation, electrical short circuit or fire outbreak due to rodent gnawing on wirings, food poisoning implicated from food contamination with cockroach droppings and potential dengue outbreak because of mosquito breeding onsite.

Safe Home Pest Management aims to alleviate these hassles and risks, while optimizing your financial benefit and reassuring your business the peace of mind.

Did You Know? The key risk areas of a production plant are production zones, warehouse & storage areas, plant room, IT communications room, kitchen & canteen?

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