Termite Control

Termite Control Service

Termites can cause serious structural damage to your home and because they live in colonies that can number from several hundred thousand to several million, it is important to be proactive. Don't let termites take control of your home, call Safehome Pest Control to schedule an on the hour appointment with a fully trained, licensed, and insured professional to thoroughly inspect your home and provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Protecting your house from termites is important but there is no reason to pay thousands of Rupees for a whole house treatment or a baiting system when you don't have termites. You can protect your residence with a Termite Service Plan by Safehome Pest Control. It is the most affordable plan in the market!

Think you may already have termites? Don't delay; Safehome Pest Control will treat your home. Contact your Safehome Pest Control representative today to protect your most important investment, your home!

Termites love wood and water, and need both to keep subterranean colonies – which can be hundreds of feet from the home, deep beneath the ground – alive. That’s why we use an innovative two-step termite pretreatment process to protect homes from voracious termites.
Once subterranean termites invade a home, they may cause damage. The best plan of attack? A good offense – the kind borate wood pretreatment from Safehome Pest Control provides.
The Sentricon System prevents and stops termites from attacking homes by eliminating their colonies. Safehome Pest Control will install, service, and continue to monitor the system for new colonies.